Moon Magick Herbs (with quartz point)

Moon Magick Herbs (with quartz point)

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🌙Moon Magick Herbs🌙

•I’ve wanted to make Apothecary jars for a while now and I finally did it.

•These herb jars are a special and unique blend of herbs specifically for using during the moon’s many cycles and to keep the moon’s magick present in your practice.

•Blue Cornflower: Protection
•Blue Lotus: Well Being
•Jasmine: Attracts Emotional Love
•Mugwort: Enhances Psychic Abilities
•White Willow Bark: Protection,
Release & Divination
•Wormwood: Protection
•Yarrow: Healing & Balance

•Cast these into a fire safe bowl, cauldron or burn on a charcoal disc, carry in a satchel or dress a candle and burn. These specific herbs are meant to be used in any way you want in your specific practice. There’s no rules when it comes to magick.