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Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life.

Throughout Japan, the Cherry Blossom, or ‘Sakura’ tree is representative of good fortune, new beginnings and revival. Folklore says that when the Sakura spirits release their gorgeous fragrance in springtime, their gift of beauty and elegance is to be truly celebrated! Unfortunately, the Cherry blossoms only bloom once a year and their gentle, pale petals surround us for a short time. It’s because of this that the Cherry Blossom not only represents beauty and innocent pleasures, it also teaches us to appreciate the brief time we share together with our loved ones.

In ancient mythology the fruit of the Cherry Blossom tree contains the elixir which gives the Gods their immortality! In Chinese lore it was believed that the magical Phoenix slept on a bed of Cherry blossom to bless it with ever-lasting life.

In old Buddhist stories, the Cherry Blossom is representative of fertility and femininity. According to legend, the mother of Buddha was supported by a holy Cherry tree as she gave birth.

Tied to the Buddhist themes of mortality, mindfulness and living in the present, Japanese cherry blossoms are a timeless metaphor for human existence. Blooming season is powerful, glorious and intoxicating, but tragically short-lived — a visual reminder that our lives, too, are fleeting.


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