The Hedge Witch Collection

The Hedge Witch Collection.

In the ‘olden days’, a hedge usually symbolized a border between two neighboring villages. And so it is with a Hedge Witch – she can see beyond ‘the border’ and perceive messages from the Other World that exists beyond our physical perception and senses. The word ‘Hedgewitch’ may have its roots in the Saxon word ‘haegtessa’ which means ‘hedge-rider’.


They are also highly intellectual, always studying about medicinal plants, as well as anything they can learn about the use of plants in crafts, dyeing, food and drink. They could be seen watching animals to predict changes in weather, and may even develop the ability to tell when a rainstorm is coming just by smelling the air!

This collection symbolizes the natural world that exists around all of us. We’re surrounded by plants and sometimes we take them for granted. But these talismans are to aid in the wearers communication to the plants and to the natural world. 🌿🔮


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