Bewitched Collection

“And just like that Summer creeped into Autumn.
The leaves began to change their color,
The nights grew cooler and days shortened.
Winter is upon us, but for now the Golden Hour of Autumn is here to shine.”

This collection embodies everything I adore about Autumn and Halloween. Pumpkins, Jack o’lanterns, leaves, bats and moths. I also chose some of my favorite colors that truly speak to me at this time of year. 

Purple always evokes the magic that lies within all of us. Orange represents the pumpkins we collect, carve and light up to help and lead our ancestors through the veil and back to us. 
Green is for the apples, so juicy and tasty. For the leaves that haven’t yet turned fiery and also for spookiness. 

This specific collection is my largest to date and the last collection I’ll be working on for the remainder of the year.